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Some Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Upon Entry of Linden Cycles.Wait For Temperature Check.

  • No Mask No Entry.

  • Worried Call ahead to make arrangements. 

  • Washing your hands can be done at our outside basin. 

  • Washing Soap/ Sanitizer will be available to Linden Cycles Customers Only.

  • If You Are Feeling Sick or Symptomatic Stay AT HOME.

  • Allow us to take your contact information for Tracing purposes. For in case of the worst case scenario.So We can let you know asap.

Before Arrival

Please Take the Time to Sanitize your own handle bars and saddle.

Brown Bike Seat
Washing Window
Bike Bell

On Arrival

Please Make Sure You Wear A Mask At All Times

Woman with Mask
Face Mask
Man with Medical Mask

On Arrival

If you want to come into the shop wait for temperature check

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Anton
Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

On Entry

Social Distancing

Of 1 meter

Will Always Be In Effect

Image by Jon Tyson
Covid 19 Social Distancing.jpg
Image by Clément Falize


Do Your Part!

Awareness and Good Hygiene is The Key to Over Coming This

Image by Erik Mclean
Image by Macau Photo Agency
Image by Nick Bolton
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